Who are we?

Kogital is a kitchen. In this kitchen, we prepare the most delicious digital marketing recipes using fresh strategies and technologies, with a dash of creativity, for your target audience to connect with you.



Search Marketing

We help your prospects find you not only when they search for you, but whenever they look up for any service you offer.

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Influencer Marketing

There are people around who influence you. Thus, we employ social media influencers to enhance your brand's interaction and impact.

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Media Planning & Buying

We know how much budget is enough for which network.

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Mobile phone

Mobile Marketing

Catch your prospects with a mobile mind. Reach your audience anywhere, anytime with mobile-specific strategies.

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Measurement & Analytics

An achievement which cannot be measured is not a success. We measure all your digital efforts to modify your roadmap.

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Social Media Like

Social Marketing

We execute tailor-made strategies for you to reach, engage and impact your potential audiences.

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The formula for perfect strategy


"A goal without a plan is just a wish". We design your digital marcom strategies to make your wishes come true.

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Creativity & Technology

Anybody can cook but your style shows your difference. We spice up your brand message with new technologies, compelling copies and profilic designs.

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